Genomic applications

Established protocols

➢ Whole human Exome Sequencing (Ion AmpiSeq Exome RDY)
➢ Target resequencing of gene panels

Additional possible applications

➢ RNA-Seq applications: total RNA, polyA+ RNA, miRNA
➢ Rapid gene expression quantification using AmpliSeq
➢ Methylation analysis by MeDIP-Seq
➢ Chromatin conformation studies (5C- 4C- 3C-Seq)
➢ DNA binding assays for protein of interests (ChIP-Seq)
➢ Mapping of actively transcribed sites (DNaseI-, ATAC-, FAIRE-Seq)
➢ Genotyping-by-sequencing for QTL mapping (RAD-Seq)
➢ Small genomes resequencing / de-novo assembly
➢ Microbiome profiling based on 16S sequencing